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Adrian Lorenzo


Adrian Lorenzo has been a dedicated worker in the healthcare tech industry for several years. He has successfully contributed to Implementing an array of robust systems for both payer and providers to seamlessly enhance the bar for quality, security and efficiency in the industry.

While engaging with doctors and nurses throughout the years, one thing remained constant. It was the need to continually find innovative ways to educate, empower and inform patients and policyholders on how their health insurance policies worked.

In 2021, Forbes conducted a survey that found 56% of Americans felt “Completely lost” when trying to understand their healthcare. Data from “Bend financial” showed that confusion about healthcare insurance was costing Americans unnecessary money and preventing many from getting the care they needed.

Adrian has always taken a passion for helping others and as a result took the leap and became a fully licensed independent insurance broker. He is surely a well-rounded candidate for such endeavors.

As a trailblazer for hard work, he will now be personally working alongside the community to educate, empower and inform individuals of quality health care plans for themselves and for their families.  

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