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Chris Assefa


Chris Assefa, owner and founder of Bleu Sky’Insurance Solutions, has been in the community for 20+ years. The journey began with the goal of empowering and educating as many people in the community as possible so that they would have coverage that would suit their individual needs. She always approaches individuals with compassion and a heartfelt desire to improve their lives.
As we know Medicare is complex and ever changing. Chris takes her time to first educate individuals on the complexities and nuances of the overwhelmingness of understanding what it means to have Medicare. She does it with patience, compassion and poise.

As a civic leader, Chris champions for economic growth through collaboration, and through this collaborative work in community leadership organizations, she has fostered various business partnerships. Chris has partnered with numerous community organizations — Hand of Hope, Black Business Bus Tour, Dream Builders, Greater Mt. Carmel, and True Prosperity Evangelist Outreach Ministries. Chris went through the training and is certified as an Access Partner to help individuals who need help with apply for food stamps, low income subsidy and Medicaid. She has sign’s posted at Cole’s barbershop and folks in the community can call her for an appointment and meet her there.

Chris is a proud mother to a fantastic son named Russell. She is an independent agency with the customer in mind. As an independent insurance agent, her team can offer the right coverage with the personalized service you would expect from your neighborhood insurance agent.
Bleu Sky’s Insurance is dedicated to the education and empowerment of the “seasoned” community providing support and care with their insurance needs. She truly has a heart for the community and is always willing to lend a physical as well as financially helping hand.

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Customer Reviews

It is so comforting in this hectic world today to have someone to trust...

Jeanne W

Knowledgeable, courteous, stayed in contact.

Karen H

Very happy I chose her!

Jean P

I must say that I was very pleased with her service.

Michelle P

Thanks so much Chris for coming out and explaining everything in detail!

Pamela L